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Jynx by BlackBackedJackal Jynx by BlackBackedJackal
:bulletyellow: Name: Jynx (A spelling variation of the word "jinx," meaning a person or thing that brings bad luck and misfortune. Her name is a play on irony. Many see wolves as animals that bring misfortune. For those who can look past false folklore and embrace the wolf as a kindred spirit, the jinx can be broken and bring good fortune to those open hearted and minded individuals.)
:bulletyellow: Type: Gray Wolf
:bulletyellow: Origin: Idaho/Montana
:bulletyellow: Acquired: etsy (2012)
:bulletred: Not for sale or trade

Words really can't describe the love I have for Jynx. She's truly a one-of-a-kind wolf.

Jynx is a soft mount wolf I commissioned through MidnightWolfDesigns. I'm unsure of her origins, as Katie was the one who ordered her pelt. Judging by her fur texture, size, and coloring, I assume she's an Idaho area animal and possibly a product of the wolf reintroduction project in Yellowstone back in '96.

Jynx has a very mellow and calm air around her. Though she's a younger wolf, she has an old soul and has become almost a motherly figure within my collection. Anytime I feel stressed or upset, I can always lay down with her and immediately feel better. She's a healer, and a teacher; an overall amazing animal.

I examined the picture of her as a pelt and confirmed that Jynx was non-mountable (by definition). She wasn't skinned for taxidermy; her eyes were enlarged and her muzzle was bent and crooked. Even with those odds against her, Katie truly did something wonderful for an otherwise unwanted animal. I can never thank her enough for bringing us together.

***Note: Jynx was not killed by or for me. She was most likely culled for population control. If you don't like taxidermy, please refrain from commenting as the comment will automatically be flagged as spam.***
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January 31, 2013
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